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Why Inspect?

Let Precision use its knowledge of construction and years of experience to help you make an informed, intelligent decision regarding your prospective property.Home inspections by experienced home inspectors for all real estate inspection needs serving NJ with certified New Jersey home inspectors providing quality nj home inspections

  • Recognize potential problems before they become realities.
  • Attend the home inspection and learn the true condition of the house.
  • Get answers to your questions about renovations.
  • Locate energy loss areas and find out how to correct them.

While no one can predict exactly how long a component or system in your new home will last, major systems and components DO have standard planned economic use. 

By understanding your new property, you can best provide for the ongoing maintenance and replacement of these vital systems and components.

Precision Inspection Services, Inc. has performed over 10,000 home inspections in New Jersey. Even seasoned professionals in the field of construction have used Precision because of our ability to understand all the aspects of their prospective home.